Home Bar Design Ideas

Heading into town on the weekends to meet the lads can quickly get pricey. One way to choose your own tunes and save a few pounds without leaving home would be to bring the party to your place. Here are some home bar design ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Plan It Out

Before writing down all the home bar design ideas that are running through your mind, first decide how much space is available. Draw it out and if you can, make a mock up using cardboard or other random material that are the correct measurements. It can be extremely helpful to visually see how the bar will fit together. This could also prevent any logistical problems that might arise later.

For those that have a lot of space to work with and are hoping for a larger mini bar, make sure the location has access to electricity and plumbing if it is wet bar. For those that do not have the luxury of extra space, look at various nooks under the stairwell, in the basement, or in a corner of the room that could be used.

Budget Choices

Mini bars do not have to be extravagant by any means. They can range from a desk that holds the favorite drinks to a full bar with taps. For those that are on a budget though, there are many unique ways to have a nice bar without emptying the checkbook. Head on over to a flea market and have a look for an old short bookcase that could serve as a small counter. Pick up pieces of art or other odds and ins that will add a bit of character to the space. It might also be worth your time to find an old kitchen counter or old bar stools that can be refurbished.


There are many different home bar design ideas that can be found online and then adapted to fit your style. You can look at it as a great opportunity to try a few DIY projects and see how they work out. Keep on searching for different knick knacks that might go perfectly with what you have in mind.

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