How to improve home lighting

Sometimes a total revamp and a change in appliances aren't enough to upgrade your home. Lighting fixtures play a very big role in sprucing up a house - and without the correct home lighting, any room can look dull and unappealing. Here is a simple guide to improving the lighting in your home...

Good home lighting provides depth to space, as well as dictates where you want the eye to be drawn to. Imagine walking into a beach house: several windows that look out into the sea, with yellow lighting to complement the bright feel of day. Doesn't it make you want to snuggle up, put up your feet, and take in the comfort that it makes you feel?

Yellow lighting gives a dramatic feel to homes and gives it that cosy feeling. It's not intrusive, and it welcomes you to slumber.

Now imagine yourself in a kitchen, where the lights are dim. Does it affect your productivity? Yes. Remember, when buyers are on the look out for a dream house, kitchens are one of the first things they like to look at. Illuminate the room, and make it as grandiose as it should be. Use lighting levels wherein you can mix fluorescent ceiling lights with yellow on the counters. Do the same for your living room.

By adding chandeliers to spaces, you can either add a sense of intimacy to a small space, or grandeur to high ceilings. In fact, the fad now has designers incorporating chandeliers on to walls or mixing styles and materials.

Dazzle a room with a chandelier or open a tight space with white home lighting. You can also surround the exterior of your house with dramatic yellow lights to add depth to its design. A few yellow lights between windows will accentuate your walls, and give your home a beautiful silhouette.

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