Budget Home Office Design Ideas

Working at home can often be distracting and frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. If there is a designated space for your work in the home it can end up being beneficial for everyone. Here are a few simple home office design ideas to help get you started in creating your own work space without emptying your pockets.

Design Ideas

For those of us who do not have a separate room that can be used as an office, the first step to making an office in the home is to find and designate a space. Walk around the house and look at different possibilities. Perhaps there is space underneath the stairwell or maybe a corner of the living room. Keep in mind it is great to find space near natural light if at all possible.

Once the space is chosen, measure it out and sketch out a plan of what your needs are and how the space can best be used to fit those needs.


Before rushing out to buy the sharpest looking desk or the leather chair you have always wanted, look around the house for various pieces of unused furniture that can be reused to fit your office.

If there isn't anything in the home, head out to flea markets or consignment shops and see what treasures they may have. Perphaps an old vase will work well as a pencil holder or an old lamp would make the perfect table lamp.

Those that need a lot of filing space, look into purchasing old file cabinets and repainting and rehandeling them yourself.

One idea for the desk would be to find an old flat door and repaint it and then purchase and add on stock leg posts. Simple as that.


Here are a few home office design ideas to also keep in mind while searching for the furniture and odds and ins. Take a look at the walls and floors and see if there needs to be any work done to them. Having a bright and clean color on the walls can make the area look more spacious. Feel free to add a simple piece of art work as well. If the floor is too bare, adding a rug might give the space more color and texture.

Keep the small things in mind as well. The office should be a clean and safe space so keep the cords and cables hidden.

When placing the desk in the office, if there is a window nearby make sure the desk is oriented so that the light won't glare onto the computer screen.

If you do have some extra money in the budget, it might be best to spend it towards a decent chair. Even if the chair looks amazing, if it doesn't provide the right support and is not comfortable, it could lead to long term negative effects on the body.

Here are a few websites to look into for some more office design ideas.



Your Space

Hopefully these home office design ideas provided some helpful ideas to get you started. Every home and space is different so just be flexible with what you have and be creative. You are the one that is going to be working in that space, so make it appealing for you.

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