Hoover Fridge Freezer Recall: the Serial Numbers

A batch of Hoover fridge freezer models, produced in August 2011 and August 2012, have been issued a recall notice by Hoover. The models have been recalled due to apotentialfault in the defrost heater element, which could cause overheating and lead to a fire hazard. Although the Hoover fridge freezer models issued for recall are not immediately hazardous or a cause for concern, you should contact Hoover if you have purchased one of these models.

Model Numbers

Hoover fridge freezers issued for recall have been listed by Hoover as the following models:

  • HNC6185A
  • HNC6185AE
  • HNC6185W
  • HNC6185WE
  • HNC6200A
  • HNC6200WE

Only certain production batches have been affected by this potential fault; later models have been confirmed to have no serious hazards and are not due for recall.

Finding Your Hoover Model

If you are unsure whether your Hoover fridge freezer is due for recall, you can check the serial number inside your appliance and run it through the Hoover safety website.

To find your model and serial number, remove the salad draw from your appliance. Locate the appliance rating plate, which should be on the back wall of the fridge freezer. On the top of the label, the appliance number, product code and date code are located on the top of the label.

You can then refer to Hoover.co.uk/safety-notice and input the model number, product code and date code to check whether your appliance is due for recall and to report this to Hoover.

Safe Use

If your Hoover fridge freezer model is one of the products listed for recall, Hoover has recommended you stop using the appliance immediately to avoid any overheating and a potential fire hazard. However, it should be noted that despite the fault, the hazard is not immediate and caution should be used if you must keep the appliance switched on.

Contacting Hoover

You can contact Hoover via their website, at Hoover.co.uk, or you can contact the company by phone to check whether your Hoover fridge freezer is a recall appliance, whether a replacement will be made and how the appliance will be collected. You can contact Hoober on freephone 0808 1780516.

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