Hotpoint dishwasher recall UK 2013

An important safety notice has been recently relised on the Hotpoint UK website. The safety notice concerns Hotpoint dishwashers models of the FDW range produced between June 2006 and March 2007 and sold in the UK. Read on for more information on the Hotpoint dishwasher recall and what models and serial numbers it affects.

Find out if your dishwasher if affected

Prompted by a report by UK consumer watchdog Which?, the appliances manufacturer Hotpoint has released a safety notice concerning three models of dishwashers: the Hotpoint FDW20, FDW60 and FDW65A. Of these models, the units manufactured between June 2006 and March 2007 and with a serial number starting with anything between S/N 60601 and S/N 70331, are affected by the Hotpoint dishwasher recall.

The reason for the product recall is that a small number of appliances, of the above range, have suffered the failure of an electrical component with subsequent over heating. This has, in rare circumstances, even resulted in a potential fire hazard. In its safety notice, Hotpoint states that its absolute priority is to locate and modify every dishwasher that is affected.

If you own a Hotpoinp FDW20/ FDW60/ FDW65A dishwasher, first thing to do is to locate and check its serial number. After making sure the appliance is turned off and disconnected from the wall socket, look on the inside of the door for a sticker with a 9 digits long number: that is your dishwasher serial number. If its first 5 digits are between S/N60601 and S/N 70331 your appliance is affected by the product recall.

If there is another, green sticker on the inside of the door, it means your dishwasher has been previously visioned and fixed. Otherwise, contact Hotpoint by calling their dedicated Customer Service line 08448 910094, or email them at the dedicated email address: fdw@hotpoint.co.uk. Once you contact Hotpoint, their technical support will arrange to visit your home and make a free of charge repair.


In April 2013 an Hotpoint dishwasher recall has been launched in the UK. If you own a Hotpoint FDW20/FDW60/ FDW65A dishwasher manufactured between June 2006 and March2007, check its serial number.

If your dishwasher serial number's first 5 digits are between S/N 60601 and S/N 70331, your appliance is affected. Call the dedicated line 08448 910094 or emailfdw@hotpoint.co.uk for a freeof charge repair.

Find the official Hotpoint safety notice here: http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/fdw/

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