How to clean a kettle

There are some household chores that many of us put off because they are time consuming or are tricky, like cleaning blinds, cleaning toasters, cleaning kettles and dusting. Many of these don’t need to be difficult or as time consuming as you may think. Here is a guide on how to clean a kettle.

It is important to know how to do it because, next to the TV, in many people's homes it is probably the most used appliance. Cleaning a kettle is very simple - all you need is vinegar or lemons.

If you are using vinegar

Unplug the kettle and half fill it with vinegar. Top it off with water, then leave the mixture to work its magic for an hour. If the kettle has a big build up of limescale you might want to leave it in for longer. Pour out the mixture and check to see that it is clear of limescale. If there is still limescale you can wipe it with some bicarbonate soda. Then rince the kettle out several times. Vinegary tea isn’t all that appealing!

If you are using lemons

Add half a litre of water to the kettle and also add 70ml of lemon juice, then boil the kettle. After boiling again, check to see if it is clear of limescale and if it isn’t, wipe it with a damp cloth and bicarbonate soda.

A big reason for the build up of limescale is not emptying the remaining water out after using the kettle. If you make a habit of emptying the kettle after use, you will find you need to clean it less.

After reading this guide on how to clean a kettle, there is no excuse for limescale build up! Many jobs around the house are much simpler and less time consuming that you may think - as we have seen, cleaning your kettle only takes common household substances and a few minutes.

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