How to clean green water in swimming pool

If your swimming pool suddenly turned green, then chances are high that there is an abundance of algae and bacteria in the water. When this happens, you must know how to clean green water in swimming pool so that you can have a sparkling recreation area again. Besides, it’s better to correct the situation early on before you end up changing the water in the pool completely.

What you need to do

There is no need to test the pH level of the swimming pool as it is pretty obvious the water has turned bad. Green water means several things such as the following:

  • Presence of algae
  • Wonky pH levels
  • Bacteria

When it happens

A swimming pool needs corrective action immediately after a heavy rain. Also, if you have been missing out in cleaning the pool, then it must be filled with debris. We will teach you how to clean green water in a swimming pool as follows:

  • Remove debris from the surface using a leaf skimmer.
  • Do not vacuum the floor as you cannot see yet what has settled on it.
  • Correct the pH levels using pH and alkalinity levels products.
  • Shock the pool with liquid chlorine. Follow instructions on product usage especially the amount you can pour into the pool.
  • Run the pool pump for 24 hours. Make sure to backwash several times a day so that dirty water can be eliminated.
  • You might see that the water will turn milky white after a day. Continue to shock it and after 3-4 days your pool water should be clear again.
  • At this point, no one should enter the water whilst it is being shocked.

Maintaining your pool

Learning how to clean green water in your swimming pool makes you prepared when it turns bad. There are also several things you can do to keep the water clean and sparkling bright. Test pH levels regularly and apply chlorine as needed. You can also put algaecide to control the build up of residues. With keen discipline, you might not have to face murky green water again and save a bundle on chemicals.

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