How to clean a pool filter

A swimming pool system is composed of several parts such as the motorised pump, drains, returns and pipes. It also includes a water filtration system so you have clean sparkling water when you go for a swim. Learn how to clean the pool filter so you can have crystal clear water.

How it works

A filter serves to eliminate particles and sediment in the water. However, buying filter all the time to use for your pool can become pretty expensive. This is why by learning how to clean pool filter yourself, you don't have to spend money just to keep your water clean.

How to do it

  • Before you take out the filter, make sure that the pump is not running. Also, wait that the filter is dry before removing it.
  • Once you take out the filter, run it under running water or using a garden hose. Scrub with a brush as needed. Make sure to remove the debris so you can keep it clean.
  • For deep cleaning, get a bucket and add a chlorinator. The pool chlorinator water ratio should be 1:6. Soak your filter in the bucket for 2-3 days.
  • For minerals that accumulate on the filter media, fill a water with bucket and slowly add muriatic acid. The acid water solution ratio should be 1:10.
  • Dry under the sun to kill any remaining algae.
  • Put it back and presto, you don't need to spend money to buy a new filter. Sometimes, cleaning filters is all you need to help maintain the pool's filtration system.

Time saver

Learning how to clean pool filter is not only going to save you bundles of money. You also don't have to rely on someone to clean the pool filters for you. Maintaining your swimming area has never been this easy when you can do it yourself without depending on anyone.

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