How to clean your home without using chemicals

You can clean your home without chemicals as long as you don’t leave too much time between jobs. You won’t need to buy or hire expensive equipment to do the job so you can ignore those steam cleaner adverts on TV. What we’re suggesting won’t take you any more time, effort or cash than using chemical based cleaning products.


Baking soda

Our first suggestion is good old baking soda. You can make it into a paste and use it to clean grout in your bathroom, or to sort out your cat’s smelly litter tray. It can be used to remove tea stains from glass, and you can use it to clean your cleaning products as it’s good for cleaning brushes too.


This is another common household product that you can use to clean. It’s a natural anti-bacterial so it can get rid of mould and dust. You can use it to clean almost anything in your home, and it will also remove odours. To do this, simply place a bowl of vinegar in your room overnight. In the morning, the smell will have gone.

Olive oil

This is another natural product we recommend you using. It’s far effective but non-toxic so delicate items that you don’t want ruined like polished floors come up really well when olive oil is applied. It’s also good for repairing scratches on leather furniture, and it can make stainless steel appliances shine again.

Hot water

Now for the really obvious one – hot water. Really hot water sanitises because it kills germs. It can be used on its own to clean clothes, dishes, tabletops and floors so don’t mix in anything to begin with and see if hot water can remove the stain or dirt. If not, then consider adding something to the water or using one of the other non-chemicals we’re suggesting to refresh your home.

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