How to create room accessories on the cheap

The right accessories can totally transform the look of any room, be it bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. If you want to refresh and update a room, you don't have to shell out for new furniture and fittings - a few choice accessories may do the trick. Here we look at creating top room accessories on the cheap!

Inspiration for room accessories on the cheap


Cushions can be one of the easiest and most striking room accessories. And all you really need is a length of material - existing cushions can be recovered simply and quickly. Why not choose a bold new colour and introduce several accessories in a similar shade? This can turn a living room or bedroom from drab to fab!


Blinds can totally transform the look of any room - and roller blinds are a good option for a home project. You'll find pattern ideas online.


Stylish prints can add designer chic in a flash. Visit your local DIY store and take a few samples of patterned wallpaper. Then buy some matching frames (plain black or white usually look best, depending on the wallpaper samples) and frame the samples. You can also print out beautiful designs on your home printer.

Kid's artwork

Display children's artwork in frames or a coloured noticeboard. Just provide the crayons and glitter and let them get on with it!


Blackboard paint can transform a small wall (such as an enclave or corner wall) into a fun - and often practical - blackboard.

Stained glass effect

Stained glass effect paint can give a window an expensive-looking makeover. Try a small design in the central or a border around the edges for larger windows.

How to make room accessories on the cheap

  1. Decide on a colour scheme for the room. Some of the best and most striking room accessories are in contrasting but complementing tones to the room's existing decor.
  2. Visit your local craft store to buy materials. If you've never set foot in a craft store before, you'll probably be very pleasantly surprised by the range of fabrics and tools available.
  3. Enjoy making the accessories! Items will seem more special when there's a good story behind them. Why not get the whole family involved?

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