How to Design a Garden from Scratch

Adding a garden can be a great natural addition to your home. If you have the time and energy, designing a new garden can also be an exciting and creative process. One of the great things about it is that ot can take whatever shape you desire within your available space. Here are guidelines on how to design a garden from scratch.

Let the designing begin!

Start by purchasing graph paper and sketching out the current garden to scale. Measure everything out and make sure to include the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything from telephone poles to where the sun does and doesn’t shine. This all needs to be taken into consideration when designing the garden.

Once you have a layout of the garden, consider what type of garden theme you are aiming for. This may depend greatly on the type of climate that you live in. If it is a dry climate, perhaps planting cacti and succulents is the best way to start and then add in accents of colours throughout with potted flowers or plants. Those that live in a tropical environment may want to have a lot of foliage plants. When considering the theme of the garden, consider how much time and energy you have as well. Some plants are much more high maintenance than others.

If you have a smaller garden, figuring out how to design a garden from scratch does not have to be difficult. Try incorporating weather resistant mirrors and light coloured fences. The mirrors will reflect the sun into darker areas of the garden while at the same time creating the illusion of a larger garden. Vertical plants are another great way to make your garden that much larger and be aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Using materials that compliment each other is also important. Perhaps using the same wood for the raised beds as the decking can bring the garden together a little bit more.

Have Fun!

Learning how to design a garden from scratch can be a fun and creative process. One of the most important tips though is to keep it simple. If you have too many different plants and ideas all in one garden, it can look chaotic and cluttered. And don’t forget to add in a gardening supplies shed for all your fun backyard tools!

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