How to diffuse essential oils

The air we breathe has many pollutants in it. We cannot see these tiny particles as they are invisible to the naked eyes. Unknowingly, we breathe them into our lungs. But, there is something that can be done about it. Changing the air in our environment by diffusing healthy and fresh-smelling oils is an option. We show you how to diffuse essential oils.


Essential oils are simply delightful. They are extracted from natural sources such as plants using maceration or cold press techniques. These oils are used for different purposes and some of these include as a cosmetic ingredient, enhancing well-being or improving the air quality at home. If you love these ingredients, we tell you how to diffuse essential oils.

  • Definition

Diffusion is any manner or method of dispersing the essential oil molecules into the air. A few of the great reasons why essential oils are released into the environment include:

  • purifying the air
  • reducing airborne bacteria and germs
  • enhancing well-being
  • creating a positive mood

Other reasons associated with diffusion of essential oils include treating an ailment or alleviating the symptoms of insomnia.

Diffusing essential oils

You can release essential oils into the air by the following methods:

  • Take a tissue and dip it into your preferred essential oil. Put this tissue in your car's vents or at home near the aircon.
  • Use your tea light diffusers. Place 10 drops of oil into heated water and presto, aromatic vapours will be released in the air by steam.
  • Make use of a nebuliser where you can put the oil in the plastic base or the pump. It covers a large area and disperses the mist evenly.
  • Grab one of your trigger sprays at home, fill it with distilled water and then add 6 drops of essential oils. Spray rooms or areas that you want to be refreshed.
  • There is also another method of diffusing and that is to use a fan diffuser. It is easy to use and the disposable pads are doused with about 10 drops of oil. Of course. you do need replacement pads for the device to work.

Using electric diffusers

The above are not the only methods available if you want to learn how to diffuse essential oils. You can also look at plug-in and ultrasonic mist diffusers where essential oils are released into the air with precision. Aromathereay can indeed change your environment so learn to make use of the benefits of using essential oils.

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