How to dispose of acetone properly

If you love doing your nails, then you must have a stash of acetone nearby so that you can remove nail polish easily. Acetone is still an effective solution that you can use to take off nail polish, especially dark ones. We show you how to dispose of acetone properly so that it will not be left lying around.

How to get rid of acetone

Acetone is not only found in nail polish remover. It is also present in other products such as a cleaning solvent, adhesives, varnishes and wood stains. After using your acetone, you might want to know how to get rid of used solvents. Here are some easy tips how to dispose of acetone correctly.

  • If you just recently cleaned your nails with acetone using cotton balls, squeeze the excess solvent out. You should then wrap the used cotton ball in a metal bin and afterwards in a plastic bag, close it by tying the ends together and throw the bag into the garbage can.
  • Get in touch with your local waste management centre to dispose of a bigger quantity of acetone. You should bring the used acetone in a tightly sealed container to avoid spilling it.
  • For slightly soaked cotton balls just wrap them in a plastic bag and you can dispose of them in the garbage bin.

Tips for properly storing acetone

You might also keep a bottle of acetone at home should you need to remove tough nail polish in the future. Just remember that you need to close the cap tightly and most of all, put it in a place out of reach of young children.

Why dispose acetone properly

Remember acetone is a solvent that is highly flammable. Therefore, it is recommended that you should know how to dispose of acetone properly. This way, you will not harm yourself with excessive inhalation of fumes which is detrimental to your health. In addition, others around you also do not need to to be exposed to toxic fumes.

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