How to Dispose of Furniture

Whether you are moving homes or just feeling inspired to do a thorough house clean, you are most likely to discover just how much you have accumulated over the years. Often there are old sofas or chairs that you either want to replace or get rid of, but what do you do with them? Here are a few tips on how to dispose of furniture you don’t want any longer.

A List of Possibilities

Make Money

Thankfully there are many ways on how to dispose of furniture that you do not have a need for anymore. If you have furniture that is still in good condition and you believe you could make a pound or two off of, you can try selling it online through e-bay, gumtree, preloved. This will involve some work by you, the seller, but the money you make can go into a new piece of furniture or a nice night out.

If you do not feel that comfortable selling things online but still want to make money, look up when the next car boot sale is or put an ad in the paper.

Give It Away

Sometimes it just isn’t worth the hassle of trying to sell it. The next best thing is to either swap it with a friend or someone who has something that maybe you would get use out of or donating it to a local charity shop or a furniture reuse organisation such as the London Reuse Network. Keep in mind that they do have requirements on the quality of the donation, so dropping off a torn and dirty sofa probably wouldn’t be accepted.

Get Rid of It

Some furniture just couldn’t and shouldn’t be used by anyone else. In this scenario it is best to organize a special council collection. There is a fee though depending on the size of the load. Look into their website for specific prices. The British Heart Foundation also has a free furniture collection.

Always a Way

There are many different solutions on how to dispose of furniture. If there aren’t any charity shops or networks near you that will take the furniture, there is always freecycle online where someone is bound to find some use out of it. If all else fails, drop it off at the local recycling centre near you or come up with upcycling projects that you could do with the material.

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