How to dispose of knives safely in 4 easy steps

There is no shortage of stories where people have lost their lives or suffered serious injuries due to misplaced and poorly disposed of knives. If you have a knife you want to get rid of, it is very important that you dispose the knife safely. Here’s how to dispose of knives safely without putting yourself or other people in harm’s way.

Donating the knives

One of the best ways how to dispose of knives is to donate them so they can continue serving other people. There are many places you can donate old knives, including a food kitchen and thrift store. If donation is not an option, however, there is another safe way to dispose of knives and prevent possible injuries on yourself or others.

1. Prepare the knife for disposal.

Wrap the blade of the knife with cardboard. Simply cut two large pieces of cardboard boxes and place one piece on each side of the knife to cover the blade. Secure the cardboard pieces by wrapping them severally with duct tape. Ensure you achieve a good tape thickness so that no one can get cut when they come into contact with the knife. Other wrapping items you can use instead of cardboard are newspaper andbubble wrap.

2. Place the knife inside a puncture proof container

Put the wrapped knife or knives into a puncture proof container, such as an empty detergent or bleach container. Ideally, use a non-recyclable container made of thick metal or plastic to dispose of knives.

3. Secure the container lid

Once you have put the wrapped knife inside the container, secure the lid with an appropriate cover or duct tape. Write "Do not recycle" and "Sharps" on the outside of the container using a marker to alert anyone coming into contact with or handling the box to use precaution.

4. Take the box to your local recycling depot!

Transport the knife to your local metals recycling depot and hand it over in person. This is the preferred way to get rid of unwanted knives because they get another use when they are turned into scrap metal. If, however, you are disposing of other potentially harmful items like pellet gun or air rifle, use the exact same procedure of how to dispose of knives but instead of taking the box to your local recycling depot, hand the guns in to your to your local police station!Replica guns are not toys and you can hand them into any local police station in the UK without any further questions being asked.

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