How to freshen up your carpet

It is always nice to walk into a room and smell a fresh carpet. The good news is, you can have that crisp scent anytime you want by mixing or making your own carpet freshener. No need to keep on buying commercial stuff which have unknown ingredients in them. We show you how to freshen up a carpet using natural ingredients.

Keeping homes fresh-smelling

Cleaning your carpet using a vacuum cleaner is the first step to improve the smell around you. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner that will get rid of the dirt and dust. Remove spots as soon as your rugs are stained to prevent spills from seeping through the carpet fibres changing their smell. In addition, you can also use carpet deodorisers. There are other awesome ideas to keep your carpet smelling fresh and clean. Below are tips how to freshen up a carpet:

  • Sprinkle baking soda on problematic areas

There are special areas in your home that are prone to certain smells such as spots where pets like to lie on as well as places that receive a high foot traffic. To counteract the nasty smell, sprinkle baking soda on the surface.

  • Make your own carpet deodoriser

It is also possible to make your own carpet freshener without spending lots of money. You help the environment, too by reducing the amount of chemicals released in the air. To do this, you will need baking soda and essential oils such as lavender or tea tree oil. Mix the oils with the baking soda. Allow enough time for the oil to be absorbed by the powder. Spread it on your carpeted floors and presto, you will have clean-smelling rugs.

Get creative and inventive

Another mixture that you can try is to add equal parts of borax and baking powder and include your favourite essential oils for that fresh smell. Even spices such as cloves can be incorporated in the mixture. Just take note that light coloured carpets might be stained. By learning how to freshen your carpet at home, you save money, help the environment and enjoy crisp-smelling carpets.

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