How to get rid naturally of humidity smell at home

Humidity in the home can be an issue but getting rid of the musty smell it creates really isn’t a problem if you follow these simple instructions.



You have to do some preparation first. Locating where the smell is coming from is the first job It could be in one room, a series of rooms or in a hallway. Sometimes it’s not all that obvious where the smell’s coming from but determining this is the key. If it’s coming from more than one room, it’s probably caused by something structural like a leak or the on-set of damp in the walls. If that’s the case, the following guide won’t be of much use as you’ll need professional help. If it’s localised, it can be easily treated.


It sounds pretty obvious but the very first thing you should do is to open up windows and doors to let fresh air into the room. Obviously you can only do this when it’s warm enough and when your security isn’t compromised. What you might find is that the musty smell simply vanishes if it was a trapped odour that just needed ventilation. Don’t forget to open up cupboard doors, closets and cabinets too.


You will need to turn to an electric fan if ventilating the place doesn’t work out for you. Use the kitchen or bathroom’s fan if it has one installed or plug in a portable electric fan and run it to get the air circulating. You’ll find this is particularly useful in a small room like an under stairs cupboard.

Natural air fresheners

Before you go and buy any air fresheners, pick up a few fresh lemons. Peel them and then boil the peels and you’ll end up with a great air freshener. For the best results, leave the lemon peel in the pan they boiled in if there’s a suitable surface that can withstand the heat of the just boiled pan. If you have kids or pets and this will be a problem, fill a spray bottle with the warm lemon water produced by the lemon peel and spray that around the place, taking care to let it all cool down of course.

Baking soda

Baking soda is another useful and inexpensive way of removing odours created by humidity in the home. A small plate of baking soda left in a confined space of up to 24 hours will absorb moisture and remove the smell of damp.

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