How to get rid of ants in your home

Ants are not really pests that will harm you or your family. However, they can be annoying and they do bite. If you have an invasion of pesky critters in your homes, consider friendly ways how to get rid of ants. Even if you have the strongest desire to squish them all, there are effective ways to eliminate an insect infestation without posing harm to yourself or the environment.

Fighting ants

When thinking of ways how to get rid of ants, consider friendly methods first before resorting to extreme solutions or use of chemicals. Below are some suggestions which are effective against your annoying guests.

  • Keep ants away

Obviously, removing temptation out of the ants’ way should be your first priority. After all, ants are mainly there scavenging for something to eat. They are looking for food sources and if you are leaving everything out in the open and not wiping spills and crumbs you are clearly inviting them over.

  • Ant proof your home

One of the most tested ways to prevent ants from entering your homes is to use caulk. Seal doorways, crevices, window openings and cracks where ants could march in. This will also help you lower energy bills and will allow you to control room temperature better.

  • Use substances

There are many substances and products which are effective in deterring colonies of ants from invading your homes. Salt, talc, baby powder, cream of tartar, clove oil, powdered sulfur and borax are effective against ants. Spread and scatter them under doors, walls and windows. If you are concerned with the carcinogenicity of talc, wear a mask while applying the powder in affected areas.

  • Think spices and herbs

Try spices and herbs such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon and peppermint oil. Keep your flour and sugar free of ants by putting a bay leaf in containers or inside cabinet doors.

  • Make your own insect spray

You can also make your own spray by mixing one part of water and one part of vinegar in a bottle. Ants don’t like vinegar so this mixture is effective against them. Keep a bottle handy for picnic days when you want to eat in peace without unwanted visitors joining you for a meal.

Annihilating ants

Prevent further infestation in your homes when you know how to get rid of ants. Sometimes though, it is necessary to kill them. Hence, when you see a line of ants, use a wet sponge to scoop and kill them. This will stop others from following. You can also spray the nest with a bleach solution and set baits for ants. If the problem persists, contact a pest control company for fumigation. Just remember chemicals should be a last resort.

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