The Top Tips on How to Get Rid of Flies

There are few things that are as annoying as having a fly constantly buzzing around your head. It can be tricky though to catch them and rid them from your house. Just when one is gone, another sneaks in and finds their new home. Here are a few helpful strategies on how to get rid of flies.


Flies tend to make their appearance when there is warm weather. While they are not very harmful towards humans, they do get in the way. Nobody wants these unhygienic insects landing on their food or on themselves.

Clean Up

Flies tend to congregate where there is leftover food, so make sure that everyone in the house picks up after themselves and covers any food that is left on the counter. This is also true for any rubbish or compost bins that may be around. Double check that the lid is down and there is no way for flies to head in that direction.

Natural Remedies

If they are in a room, close the curtains, turn off the lights in the room, and open one door or window that leaks light. Flies are attracted to light, so gently herd them towards the nearest exit.

Another idea on how to get rid of flies is creating your very own flytrap. All you need is syrup, sugar, string, and a long strip of brown paper or cardboard. Simply cover the strip on both sides with the syrupy sweet mixture, put a hole in the top, and hang it up. The flies will be sure to want a taste of that goodness. If that sounds like too much work, you can buy these strips as well.

For those that may not want sticky strips hanging out and about their home, try using plans as a natural defense. Flies tend to avoid going near mint or basil plants which keep the place looking neat and green. Or try using lavendar oil. Simply get a sponge and put a few drops of the oil in the sponge along with a few drops of hot water. Place it on a small plate or bowl in a room where flies tend to gather. Remoisten every day and add more oil when necessary.

Traditional Remedies

For those that prefer the more traditional way, pull out the old fly swatter and get going. This way takes a little more energy but may also be more satisfying for some. There are also the hand held or larger unit electrical fly zappers which emit UV lights that attract the insects.

Trial and Error

There are numerous ways on how to get rid of flies, but it will come down to trial and error. Some methods may be quite effective for some and not for others. See what works for you or create your own unique method on getting rid of these little insects and share it with us! Let the fly catching begin!

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