How to get rid of humidity at home

Condensation and humidity can be dangerous for your health. These problems are also bad for your home because your rooms can end up with a musty smell thanks to the collection of mildew on windowsills and surfaces. So how do you combat humidity effectively?



Sounds pretty obvious but ventilation is the key to a home that’s not too humid. The areas that create moisture like the bathroom and kitchen are the ones that should be targeted first. Opening a window or leaving the backdoor open will make a world of difference to the room and you’ll find it a more comfortable place to spend time in too.

Other things you can do

Running a cooler shower is an option as this will naturally create less condensation in the bathroom.If you put houseplants outside or put them all in one room, you will see a major change in the humidity within that area. Houseplants create moisture vapours so another trick is to not over-water them. Cleaning your gutters regularly will also benefit your home’s moisture levels as clean gutters take water away from the house.


You could consider installing fans into those areas to take away the moisture. Although they’re often quite limited compared to a dehumidifier, they have an added benefit as they’re great for getting rid of unwanted smells in the kitchen and bathroom. They do whirl away and make a lot of noise but you don’t need to run it all the time, just for a while when cooking or showering.


The other obvious choice you can make is to purchase a dehumidifier. You’ll be surprised at home much water one of these will collect if it’s left in the bathroom after the family have been showering. The same can be said for the kitchen if you’ve been boiling a lot of food. You’ll find a full guide on which ones are best if you follow this link.

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