How to grom garlic

If you would like to know how to grom garlic, we tell you simple steps so you can have fresh flavouring ingredient for cooking and preparing dishes. Garlic does not only have intense flavours for cooking purposes, it has also health benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant and is good for decreasing blood pressure.

Propagation techniques

There is nothing difficult about how to grom garlic. Believe it or not, even if you don't think you have a green thumb, you will still be able to have fresh plants for cooking and preparing dishes. Garlic can be grown across a wide range of soils and different climatic conditions. It can flourish in your garden or in a pot. Here's how to do it properly:

  • Get the garlic

Buy fresh bulbs of garlic from the supermarket or the farmers' market. If you have any at home, you can also use it. Garlic where green shoots start to appear will work best.

  • Prepare the ground

Prepare the soil where you will plant the garlic. Remember, it needs a loamy or even sandy soil. Garlic plants do not like too much water or high humidity where the bulb is likely to rot. They like a well-drained soil.

Although garlic grows in a lot of areas, it does not tolerate frost or freezing cold. Make sure there is lots of sun without an intense heat.

  • Separate and select the cloves

With the garlic bulb in your hand, carefully remove each clove. You must pay attention how you remove the clove as it can affect the rate of germination. In other words, cloves which are pulled from the base will not grow well if they are disturbed or stressed.

  • Plant the cloves

Bury the cloves in the soil about 5 cm deep. The tips should be facing outwards. If you are planting more than a clove in a pot or in a garden bed, make sure there is 20 cm space in between plants.

  • Fertilise the plant

Fertilise after you have planted the clove. Garlic needs complete fertilisation. Afterwards, cover the plant with mulch.

  • Water the plant

Keep the soil moist, but do not overwater as this will lead to rotting.

  • Harvest the bulbs

Garlic grows tall long stalks called scapes and you can begin harvesting them by cutting the leaves. Don't pull them off as you might damage the bulb underneath. Once the leaves turn yellow, then this is an indication the garlic is ready for harvesting.

Easy to grow and use

Know how to grom garlic properly and you will see that it does not really require a lot of attention from you. As mentioned before, garlic has lots of uses from cooking to medicinal purposes. You can put them in vinegar and oil and use the condiment as a dressing in salads or in dishes. The bulb also stores well. If you have a bumper harvest, you can keep them in containers or hang them in your kitchen.

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