How to heat a room for less than 10 cents a day

If you are looking for clever ways to heat a room for less than 10 cents a day without spending loads of money on electricity or heating oil, here is a sensible instructable that you can try at home to warm up a space. The guide follows videos and tutorials published by DIY specialist Dylan Winter.

The ceramic pot heater

An invention by Dylan Winter comes complete with an instruction on how to make a portable ceramic pot heater that can heat up a room translating to significant savings for consumers. Here is how to do it:

You will need the following:

  • 4 tea lights
  • 2 ceramic pots of different sizes
  • 1 bread tin
  • Steps:

  • Light up the tea lights and put them on the bread tin loaf.
  • Cover it with an upside down ceramic flower pot.
  • Put the larger ceramic pot over the smaller pot making sure that the holes are aligned.
  • The holes should not be covered.
  • Principle:

    Heat is produced by the tea lights which gets trapped in the smaller flower pot. This creates a trap for all the heat caught between the smaller and larger pot similar to a convection heater. Eventually, hot air comes out of the holes on top of the flower pots. The ceramics get nicely hot providing heat in a room.


    Overall, the cost of making a ceramic heater will be minimal. You can get a bag of tea lights that contain a hundred pieces for less than a pound. Ceramic pots will cost you more, but if you have a couple in your garden, you can use these instead. Bread tins will not cost you a lot so expect to invest under 50 pounds for a ceramic heater. Considering that you will be effectively spending less than 10 cents a day per room, then you will be able to save extra money.

    Is it sustainable?

    Seeking a sustainable and cheap way of heating your home is fascinating. Even though economics is probably the main reason during these hard times, creativity can bring out the best ideas when trying to heat your homes for less than 10 cents a day.

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