How to heat a swimming pool

Having a swimming pool has its benefits. You have the advantage of going for a swim to exercise anytime you feel like it or to cool off when the weather is hot. However, cooler and winter months can become a problem. We show you how to heat a swimming pool so you can use it all year round.

Ways to heat swimming pools

Here are several ways how to heat a swimming pool.

  • Clearing the pool area

Sometimes your swimming pool can be badly located surrounded by trees and foliage. Remove trees and bushes that are going to obstruct the path of sunshine. When pool is exposed to the sun's rays you don't have to spend a fortune on constantly heating it.

  • Use a gas heater

Gas heaters are good options if you need to quickly heat your pool. After all, why heat it continuously when you are not going to use it anyway? Hence, with gas heaters you can warm your swimming pool fast and under any kind of weather condition.

  • Put a solar cover

A solar blanket is a big plastic sheet that you can drape over your swimming pool. It will keep the heat in and prevent its loss through evaporation. Thus, you can heat the pool quicker this way.

  • Utilise a heat pump

An option to the gas heater is to use heat pumps. You can choose to install air source heat pumps which are cost-effective and energy-efficient. Another alternative is to use water-source heat pumps which although time-consuming and costlier to establish, will require minimum cost to operate once up and running.

Why keep your pool heated

Heating a swimming pool can make it easy to keep it open longer during the year or even when the cold season kicks in. Learn how to heat a swimming pool so you can use it any day of the year. This way you can swim or use your pool whenever you want without being at the mercy of the weather.

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