How to make Roman blinds

Finding out how to make Roman blinds can save you a lot of cash but the best thing about doing them yourself is that you'll get a great sense of satisfaction every morning and each evening when you open them because there's nothing more pleasing than making something for yourself.

Step by step guide

Following this step by step guide on how to make Roman blinds should be easy enough as long as you take your time and read through the instructions carefully.

Step 1

Begin by laying out the fabric and marking the width and drop of the blinds. Leave a margin of 5cm around the edge of the hems then draw a straight line and carefully cut around it.

Step 2

Pin the seams in place all around then stick on the soft part of the velcro to the top seam. Then you'll need to sew around the fabric to fix the hems and header tape together.

Step 3

Take the pins out and run the header through your sewing machine. Divide the blind drop into three parts. Then you'll need to sew on the tape for the rods to go through.

Step 4

The next step involves sewing on the cord rings. Attach them to the rod tape putting one at each end and one every foot. Repeat this at the bottom making sure that each lines up with the corresponding one above. Then push the rods in and begin cording up.

Step 5

To cord up, run your cord through the rings from the bottom to the top, then along and down the side to the bottom again. Tie a knot to attach it to the 1st ring. Repeat until it's done.

Final step

You've nearly found out how to make Roman blinds but there's one final step. To complete, cover the baton in the same fabric as the blind and then attach the hard part of the self-adhesive velcro. You'll need to trim any excess and then mark where the cord and the baton meet. To complete the job make a tiny hole in the fabric and then screw in an eye hook. All that's left is to thread the cord and fix the baton in place.

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