How to match paint colours for a bedroom

When redecorating, it helps to know how to match paint colours for a bedroom to give a clean, cool and relaxing effect. It doesn't always mean using subdued or neutral shades. The right combinations of colours can create the perfect ambiance and mood, in combination with your choice of lighting.

Colour combinations

Part of the secret of knowing how to match colours for bedroom is applying a little common sense. Dark colours are never going to work well in a small space, turning a boudoir into a dingy cave. Always use a light colour for ceilings to give a sense of space.

Be aware of the moods that colours can create. In general terms, reds bring energy, while greens and blues are relaxing, but individuals react in different ways to colour, so allow personal preferences to have the final word.

Look for colours that won't clash with the furniture. If you have wardrobes or dressing-tables in dark woods, use light colour schemes to add contrast. Use painted woodwork like window frames and skirting boards to brighten up neutral colour walls.

Artworks, prints and paintings could be the defining element in a bedroom. If a large picture is the centrepiece of a wall, don't make it fight with the colour scheme. Instead, identify the picture's predominant colours and reflect this in your choice of decor,

If a room is blessed with a lot of natural light, you can afford to be more adventurous with colour choices. Vivid colour will not be as opprerssive when it is softened by natural light.

Trial and error

Learning how to match paint colours for a bedroom can be a slow process. It makes sense to do plenty of experimentation beforehand, trying out combinations with paint samples. Look at colour schemes in interiors magazines and catalogues to get a sense of what works and what doesn't, before committing yourself to redecoration.

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