How to open a beer bottle without opener

When you've had a few drinks and you're ready for another one there's nothing more annoying than losing your bottle opener. Thankfully we tell you how to open a beer bottle without an opener. There are loads of ways to do this so we'll bring you the best and the easiest methods.

Using another beer bottle

Our first way of opening a beer bottle without an opener is tricky. You'll need another closed bottle of beer and a steady hand so this one's best done towards the start of the evening before too much ale's been spilt. You basically use the rough edge of one bottle top to prize open the other one.


You might not even like the sound of this technique but it works. You push the beer bottle top very firmly into the forearm and twist. The key here is to press very hard. If you don't do that, it'll be painful.


We don't actually recommend that anyone tries this but it's a recognised way of removing a beer bottle top without an opener. If your teeth and gums are strong, you can put the beer bottle into your mouth and clamp down on it with your teeth. Without moving your mouth, twist the bottle to remove the cap.


Now you know how to open beer bottle without an opener, don't close yourself off to other options. If you have a pen to hand you can open that bottle of beer. Getting a beer bottle top off is basically about leverage. A strong enough pen can do the trick as long as you grip the bottle firmly and push the bottom of the pen against the cap. You probably won't get it open with the first pop. Usually it takes two.


Finding out how to open beer bottle without an opener isn't just about opening the beer bottle, it's also about doing it with style. Is there any material more unlikely to open and bottle than a sheet of paper? Amazingly by folding a piece of paper along its longest edge over and over until it can't be folded any more, you'll create a tool tough enough to prize your bottle open.

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