How to plant garlic

Garlic is a great seasoning that any kitchen should not do without. It adds flavour to dishes and gives a different twist to food preparation. We show you how to plant garlic if you want to have a steady supply of this amazing bulb in your kitchen so you can whip up delectable dishes using this classic seasoning.

Growing tips

Learn how to plant garlic so you will have fresh spices for your dishes all the time. The bulb is quite easy to grow and will produce several ones after its growing season.

Garlic is great for the kitchen and has other uses such as a natural insect repellent and as a home remedy. For a good harvest season do the following:

Sourcing the bulbs

  • Do not take garlic from your kitchen to plant in your garden. These are treated so that they will last longer and keep their flavours in. It is recommended that you buy your bulbs from the nursery or order online. These will grow better and have intense flavours.

When to plant

  • Garlic can be planted in spring, but planting in fall is highly recommended. The bulbs are bigger and have better flavours. For areas that experience frost, it is suggested that planting be done 6-8 weeks before the ground freezes. Just a few days before planting your garlic, break the cloves apart. Keep the husks on.

Soil prep

  • Prepare the soil by ensuring that it is well-drained. Enrich it with organic matter. Make sure that you choose a sunny spot where you will plant your garlic.


  • Stick cloves in an upright position into the ground. They should be buried at least 2 inches deep. Spacing is 4 inches apart. Cover with mulch for the winter season. Remove it once temperatures rise. Fertilise as needed or once you see that the leaves are turning yellow. Remember, garlic loves high levels of nitrogen.


  • When the bulbs are coming out, water every 3 to 5 days. Harvest once the tops turn yellow and start falling over.

Storing your harvest

Now that you know how to plant garlic, it is time to learn how to store them properly. Hang harvested garlic in a bunch upside down and store them in a cool dry place. If you intend to plant garlic the next season, keep the largest ones so you can have a good stock of bulbs.

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