How to plant grass seed

If your garden needs a facelift, consider redoing your lawn by planting grass. Although you can have that new lawn using instant turf, it will also cost you more. To start from scratch, here is how to plant grass from seed and get the lush lawn you have been dreaming of.

Planting tips

Learning how to plant grass seed is not that difficult. Anyone can do it and accomplish good results. Here are the easy steps.

  • Get good seeds

Anyone knows that having the best stock of seeds is a major factor to consider when planting anything whether it is flowering or ornamental plants. Even farmers have to rely heavily on the quality of seeds they have for a good crop harvest. Planting grass seed is no different. In order to have that super-looking and lush lawn, you have to buy the best grass seed. Look for one that is specifically made and bred to withstand disease and insects and even fight dry spells. Note that there are specific grass seeds suitable for the type of garden you have. You can have grass seeds that are suitable for shaded areas or very strong varities that will survive heavy foot traffic.

  • Prepare the area

You can plant a new lawn or upgrade an existing one. When doing a new lawn, prepare the soil by breaking up at least 2-3 inches of top soil. Remove any debris such as stones and sticks. Level the area to avoid water collection at some points.

If overseeding your existing lawn, cut the grass short. Loosen soil at bald spots. Remove dead grass.

  • Spread the grass seed

Plant grass seed by hand, lawn spreader or mechanical seeder. There should be roughly 16 seeds in a square inch.

  • Cover the area

Make sure that at least a quarter of an inch of top soil will cover the seeds. You can also use a seed accelerator to fix the seeds in place.

  • Water

Grass seeds should be kept moist to promote germination. Water at least once daily until new growth appears.

The best time to plant

Spring and fall are the best times to start or renew your lawn. You will more than likely get excellent results for your efforts. In addition to knowing how to plant grass seed, you should also apply fertilisers and weed control products to keep you lawn lush and healthy. Use preseeding fertiliser before sowing grass seed.

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