How to reduce household clutter

Are you sick of cluttered surfaces and a lack of storage space in your home? It's all too easy to accumulate clutter but it can be very difficult to find a home for it. Here we offer tips on how to reduce household clutter. Just follow these easy steps to get started...

How to reduce household clutter

Step one: Gather all your clutter together in one room. It can be difficult to decide whether or not to keep items, but moving them from their usual spot will help you to look at them from a different perspective.

Step two: Make four piles - things to keep, things that you aren't sure about, things to give away and things to bin. You can come back to the things you aren't sure about at the end and make your decision then.

Step three: Once you have gotten rid of the clutter you don't want or don't need, it's time to find a home for the rest of it. One of the commonest complaints among home owners is a lack of storage space, so this can be easier said than done.

Luckily there are plenty of clever multi-purpose storage items on sale in DIY shops across the UK. For example, a shoe hanger allows you to slot your shoes into its pockets, freeing up the floor space.

Step four: At this space you'll know how many items you need to store and how much room you have to do it. It's now time to organise your storage space.

An organised cupboard can stop clutter forming in the first place. The experts recommend that you should aim to keep 25% of your storage space free at all times so you can quickly and easily tidy away clutter if it starts to build up again.

How to reduce household clutter - quick tips

  • Be ruthless about what to keep and what to get rid of
  • Move items that you want to keep but don't use very often to the attic
  • Invest in good quality storage boxes to make the most of your space
  • Stay on top of clutter by keeping your cupboards organised

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