How to save money on dishwasher energy and water bills

There is always a debate going on whether washing by hand is cheaper than using a dishwasher. Advantages and disadvantages of using one or the other method depend on several factors such as methods of washing and the amount of water or detergent used. In addition, you have also to factor in the sanitation and hygiene issues. Take a look at ways though how to save money on your dishwasher electricity and water bills.

Tips to improve efficiency

The economics of washing by hand are there if you are thinking that this method of getting your dishes cleaned will save you money. This makes sense if you don’t let the water run whilst washing every plate, fork, spoon and glass. However, if you are considering using a dishwasher in terms of winning time and for sanitation reasons, here are sensible ways how to save money on your dishwasher bills:

  • Never run the machine half-empty

Running your dishwasher when it is not even full will just mean wasting electricity and water. The machine does not really have a function to sense whether it is fully or half loaded and will not adjust water and electricity consumption accordingly. If you can’t wait for the dishwasher to be filled or you don't have enough plates and cutlery, you are better off washing soiled dishes by hand.

  • Maintain your dishwasher

Depending on the water hardness scale in your area, your machine needs to be maintained by cleaning it regularly using homemade or commercial solutions. Instead of repeating washing cycles, you should make sure your machine is cleaned so often to get rid of foul smells and to keep it in a good condition. Refill rinsing aid solutions to avoid messy streaks on cutlery, glassware and dishes.

  • Take advantage of dishwasher programmes

Most dishwashers have different programme settings that you can tap in order to adapt to the type of washing you need. Use the pre-wash function to soak dried dishes. There is no need to pre-wash them in the sink because the machine can do that for you. If your dishes are not too dirty or soiled, there is also a programme for this. What this means is less water used and a shorter washing cycle which can save you some bucks in the short run.

Air drying

Modern dishwashers have a 'no heat' dry function which you can use. Just leave the dishwasher door open to dry the dishes without using electricity or heat. The above tips are just a few ways how to save money on your dishwasher which during these hard economic times come in handy without sacrificing hygiene standards.

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