Hozelock spares for healthy gardening

With decades of experience and business in gardening, Hozelock is proud of its new Flexy Spray for watering, which has just been awarded the 'Garden Product of the Year 2013' status at the well-known RHS Chelsea Flower Show. However, Flexy Spray is just one of the products available in the Hozelock catalogue, where gardeners can find almost anything they need for their green paradise.

Gardening is better than gym

Hozelock has chosen 'Gardening for Life' as a slogan to promote their products, but judging from all the pumps, waterers, sprayers, hoses, reels, filters and spares available, they could easily have opted for 'You're never alone in your garden'.

The website pays a lot of attention to their aged costumers, especially in summer time when gardening becomes a more intense activity and it takes you a great effort. That's why Hozelock recommends the new Flexy Spray for watering and the automatic hose reels. If you're retired and you still want to enjoy gardening, there's no need to wear yourself out: the spray is designed to be molded in many shapes, for every need in watering; and in the end the automatic hose reel will do the hard work of rewinding it for you.

However, gardening takes time and strength. Some studies suggest that just one hour of a physical activity, such as gardening, may help to burn up to one hundred more calories than working out in the gym. So Hozelock has launched the 'Gardening for Life' campaign with the famous gardener David Domoney and health scientist Dr Julie Alexander-Cooper, to encourage people to get outdoors not only to take care of flowers and plants, but also to get healthier and to lose weight.

Healthy gardening

In conclusion, this summer, if you want to slim down and get fit just follow Hozelock's invitation to join your private gym: your garden. They will provide you with all the dumbbells you need: hose reels, hose pipes, garden pumps, pond pumps, pond filters, growbag waterer, hose fittings, sprayers, even industrial ones!

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