Ikea garden furniture range for 2014

The Swedish retailer are using the tagline "Just add sunshine" for the Ikea garden furniture range for 2014 so they're banking on great weather. Whether you're interested in a collect of tables and chairs or something a bit more adventurous for your outdoors living space, Ikea has a great range.

Shop for outdoors range

Probably you are looking for garden tables and chairs. If so, the Ikea garden furniture range for 2014 includes 90 different items to mix and match. Everything from a comfortable and affordable wicker chair to the sort of garden dinning set up that you'd be comfortable using when the pickiest of neighbours comes around is included. As with all Ikea products, these are sensible, practical and stylish.

Here comes the sun

If a deck chair is on your shopping list, Ikea have an enviable range of chairs to enjoy the sun in. Their Rattan Effect collection of outdoors chairs and sofas would allow you to maximise a sunny afternoon in the garden without compromising on comfort.

Parasols and gazebos

For true outdoors luxury, you should invest in a gazebo. Ikea have 31 items in this product range so there's plenty of choice. A parasol is the cheapest way to cover part of your garden or patio but there's nothing like a gazebo.


If you go ahead and buy something from the Ikea range, you'll probably need a few extras to go with it. Thankfully, Ikea have you covered with a nice selection of outdoors cushions, decorative lights, barbecues and a range of garden storage ideas.

Official site

You can have a long walk around your local Ikea store or you could check out the firm's official website where the full Ikea garden furniture range for 2014 is listed along with details about each product and some ideas of which items in their extensive range go well together.

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