Indesit washing machines faults

Indesit, the Italian appliance brand, is praised for its affordability and overall good value. One of the many home appliances which the company sells is the washing machine. However, there are several Indesit washing machines faults reported by owners. Take a look at these shortcomings and check which models are affected to see if you are at risk.

For years, Indesit has been making consumers happy with their brand of washing machines. Imagine how life would be without these modern day inventions. Unfortunately, Indesit washing machines faults have recently surfaced involving several models:

  • WIXL 143 model

Watchdog, the UK consumer alert has reported of some freak accidents in homes involving exploding Indesit washing machines. The top cover of the machine was blown off and dials pushed out as well as open doors. The machine’s drum was also loose.

  • WIXE 167 model

Another incident occurred with the Indesit WIXE 167. Essentially, the same thing happened when the machine was on the spin cycle. The drum split open, dials were also pushed out and the top was blown off. Shrapnel from the explosion could be found on the floor.

  • Response from Indesit

Indesit apologised to those affected by the explosions, paid for damages and repairs. Both washing machine models were manufactured during the period May 2007 and June 2009. A spokesperson from the company explained that under certain operating conditions, the drum is fractured causing damage to the machine.

Indesit has carried out a risk assessment for both models under the General Product Safety Regulations. The results of the study showed there is a low risk on these models and a recall is not necessary. Indesit further assured the public that this issue is not affecting current models for sale in the market.

  • Other affected models

With over 50 explosion incidents reported, the following is a list of affected models as compiled by Watchdog:

WIXE 167

WIXL 143

IWB5 113

WIXE 127


WIXL 163

IWE7 145

IWC 6165

IWC 61651


IWB 5123

IWC 6145S

What to do

The reported Indesit washing machines faults are nothing to scoff at. If you own any of these models and wish to raise any concern, you can call the Indesit Customer Service Centre at 01733 287 843. You can also shoot them an email at: support@indesit.com. Make sure you have the serial number ready which can be found inside the door on the front of the machine.

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