Easy Indian style interior design and ideas

Indian architecture is unique, a fusion of influences from different peoples under one culture. If you admire this type of architecture and interior decoration, why not use Indian style interior design and ideas the next time you are refurbishing your abode? There are many wonderful interior designs that you can easily do without spending a fortune for an authentic South Asian designed living space.


India is a rich nation historically and culturally, a civilization that dates back 75,000 years ago. In addition, there are at least 28 states and 7 union territories making the country a vast mine of interior design ideas brought by diverse influences from its people. Here are some Indian style interior design and ideas:

  • Contrasting colours

India loves colours as can be seen from its various states. Oranges, reds, and browns are predominant colours. Take the state of Rajasthan with its wonderful bright colours. Jodhpur is a city painted in blue. Use these colours to mix and match an exotic bedroom or living room. Think spices to get an idea of colours you can use for your interior designs.

  • Carved doors and furniture

Intricate woodworks are trademarks of Indian design as can be seen in their furniture, doors and archways. You don’t have to make everything this way, but you can hunt for furniture such as a cupboard or a small coffee table. A full panel divider can also work well for an Indian touch. Get ottomans for a great look. Add elegant throw pillows laden with Indian designs. Teak, ebony and rosewood are some of the materials used by Indian furniture craftsmen.

  • Decorative items

Many Indian décor items come in the form of fabrics that are hanged or statues of gods and goddesses. Materials are bronze, wood, gold or brass. There are also animal figurines which are ever present such as elephants or deities such as Buddha.

Use silk

There are other Indian style interior design ideas such as using silk. Make use of this material from your throw pillows and wall hangings to framed fabrics and window treatments. You can add a silky bedspread in your slumber room or dens. Adorn dining tables with hand stitched tablecloths embellished with beads and gold threads as well as patchwork items. Cotton is a viable material and you can use it on tablecloths with block print. Tie-dye can also be used on tablecloths, bedspreads or quilts.

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