Creating indoor gardens

Ever dreamed of being able to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature within your own home? The latest trend of indoor gardens could be for you! These gardens can create a peaceful sanctuary out of a disused room or perhaps even a disused corner of a room. Here are some tips to get you started.

Be creative - Indoor gardens are a great place to let your imagination run wild. Fill yours with personality and whimsical touches with the clever use of furniture and decorations. It could be a stuffed bird, garden gnome, indoor water feature... now's your chance to try something daring!

Be practical - Plants require varying degrees of sunlight, heat and moisture. You won't be able to turn the cubby hole under the stairs into an indoor garden if there's no light source. Consider factors like required size, temperature and light when planning your indoor garden space.

Choose a strong centrepiece - You want the space to appear like a carefully planned indoor garden, not an area where you went a bit wild with house plants. A large plant or tree can make a great centrepiece around which you can plan and design other aspects of the garden.

Think about colour - One of the best ways to tie your garden together is by coordinating pot colours. Varying shades of the same colour can be drawn together with the walls or flooring, for example, to give a more harmonious room.

Garden upkeep - Bear in mind how much care each plant will need before you decide to include it in your indoor garden.

Other garden purposes - Most indoor gardens are solely for pleasure. But you could very easily grow herbs and vegetables in your indoor garden too, making it useful as well as pleasurable.

Get the details right - Cleverly arranged stones, a canvas wall hanging, a natural fibre curtain... it's the small details that can determine whether the look is successful or not.

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