Japanese Decorating Ideas

Whether you are extremely interested in Japanese culture or just like Japanese style interior design, it can be exciting to try and incorporate it into your home. The common theme in their style is its elegance in simplicity. Here are a few Japanese decorating ideas to get you started in the right direction.


To start off the Japanese Decorating Ideas, let us take a look at colours. Choosing the right colour for the walls is important in getting the peaceful and relaxing feel to the room. Ideally it is a muted tone such as white, cream, or gray. Any natural color should work. For an accent colour, add a rich dark brown or black. Natural green can also be a powerful color to use. For the small accents, try a burgandy or pink, but use sparingly.


When decorating in a japanese style, make sure the materials that are used in the space are natural materials such as concrete, wood, and bamboo. The floors could then be complimented with the straw and cloth tatami mats.


Try having as much natural light enter the room as possible. For additional lighting, keep it minimum and use regular light bulbs with bamboo lampshades to help spread and soften the light. Paper lanterns or simple spotlights could also work really well in the room.


Keep the decorations to a minimum. The neutral and soft colors on the wall are there for a reason. Don't clutter them by hanging every family photo that you have. The bare walls keep the room feeling elegant and clean.

Do add a few elegant decorations that can act as the focal point of the room. These can be anything from ceramic vases, to bonsai plants. keep decor to a minimum. If you do use objects, display them in odd numbers to give the natural/organic feel.

A few more tips.

  • Use shutters rather than curtains.
  • Add in circular windows.
  • Use screens to divide the space allowing the space to change and be flexible.
  • Use low level furniture.

Keep it Simple

When thinking about these japanese decorating ideas, remember a few key ideas. It should be focused on keeping decorations and cluster to a minimum and having as much space and positive energy as possible. Don't overdo it with too many design concepts but keep things geometrically symmetrical and close to mother nature.

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