Pros and Cons of a Japanese Style Bed

The Shiki Futon is a traditional Japanese style bed that was adapated by the West and became a mainstream item in the mid 21st century. For some homes this may be the perfect new addition to the bedroom you were looking for. Here is a quick overview to help guide you in your decision.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The Japanese style bed, shikifuton, is traditionally made up of three main parts.

The shikibuton would be equivalent to the Western mattress and is traditionally 3-5" thick made of 100% cotton. The kakebuton is the comforter and ranges in thickness, and the Makura is the pillow that is filled with buckwheat hull.


One of the greatest advantages of these beds are the amount of space they can save. After use, they are simply rolled up and put into a closet leaving the room spacious and clutter free.

Shiki futons are a great option for children as well. For parents that are worried about their children rolling off the bed or for those that may have a fear of heights, this is a great alternative.

There are also many health benefits that come with sleeping on these beds. Because of the hard surface underneath, they can help with back problems, posture, and blood circulation.


These beds do take up a lot of closet space which may be a problem for some. Because they need to be folded up and taken down daily and aired out regularly, they are higher maintenance than regular beds. If not taken care of properly mold and mildew could build up.

For those that do not find sleeping on the floor to be feasible or manageable, one solution could be to get a platform bed. These are wooden bases that add a bit of height to the bed and keep the support underneath. One advantage of the platform beds are the extra storage space underneath them.

Also to take into consideration is the price which typically ranges from £60-£600 for the mattress. It will depend the size and material of the mattress and comforter.

Worth a Try

Those that love the idea of having a minimalist feel to their home or simply do not have a lot of space should look into trying out a Japanese style bed. Keep in mind though that it may take a week or so to get used to, but it may be worth it in the long run.

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