How to Create a Japanese Style House in the UK

Designing a Japanese style house in the UK can be unique challenge that should be embraced. This is not only a way to clean house and get rid of unused odds and ins, but it is also a great way to redefine the place you live in and create a Zen space.


Having a Japanese style house in the UK is not as hard as one might imagine. One of the major characteristics that can be found in most Japanese homes is the minimalist architecture and design that they retain. There is a great use of natural light, material, and line which keep the space clean and open.

Kitchen/Dining Room

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home. This is an open space that is used for cooking, eating, and relaxing with one another. The design of the kitchen though can be either warm with soft colors and wood, or have a sleeker feel with the use of a steel counter and cool colors.


Japanese style beds, shikifutons, are a must have. These mattresses are either directly on the ground which are then folded up and stored in the closet, or are on a wood box that is near the ground. Enhance the room a bit more with a shoji screen and shoji lamp.


If there is space, transform the backyard into a sacred space. Japanese gardens are traditionally made up of water, stone, sand, and plants.


Check out www.homedesigning.com, www.japangarden.co.uk, www.ebay.co.uk, www.asiadragon.co.uk, and www.orchidfurniture.co.uk for places to purchase some of these goodies and to get more ideas.

Keep It Simple

Creating a Japanese style house in the UK can be an exciting way to recreate your home into a spacious haven. With the correct use of straight lines and open space, rooms can be transformed into bright and cheerful spaces. It might be best to start small and expand as you see fit.

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