Where to buy kitchen accessories on the internet

For those looking to add some colour and gadgetry to their kitchen, there are plenty of options on the internet. Visit these online retailers for the the latest in kitchen accessories, from chopping boards and kitchen scales to egg utensils and graters, and have them delivered straight to your door.

Kitchen accessories online


Serious chefs need serious tools and Lakeland covers every possible base. Turn a basic kitchen into a culinary workshop with accessories that range from carts and trolleys to compost bins. The website sells everything from cookware and baking tins to kitchen electricals and knives and scissors. The Lakeland guarantee is a full refund for customers not satisfied with their purchase.


John Lewis

For colourful, practical and stylish designs, John Lewis is a reliable choice when it comes to kitchen accessories. The website stocks hundreds of designs under its Home and Garden section from baking accessories and pestle and mortars to a bottle opener shaped as Santa Claus. International delivery available.


Biome Lifestyle

An online store dedicated to selling ethical home furnishings, Biome Lifestyle stocks a large range of kitchen accessories to appeal to the green and ethical consumers. Many of the products - including tea towels, bottle openers, rolling pins and packed lunch containers - are made using organic, recycled and sustainable materials.


Pro Cook

Pro Cook sells all kinds of kitchen accessories and utensils at knock down prices with new deals on a daily basis, from bake and cookware to knives and utensils. Choose from materials including steel, silicone, nylon and acrylic.


Other ideas...

There are a wide range of online stores offering practical kitchen accessories and utensils, but for something a little more unusual try Not On the High Street (notonthehighstreet.com). The company sells kitchen accessories with a quirky twist, such as wobbly porcelain bowls, dunk mugs - which store biscuits on a shelf built into the cup - personalised aprons and egg cubes.

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