Kitchen essentials: what you should have

Cookery programmes and recipe suggestions are everywhere these days. With all that encouragement to get creative with your cuisine, it’s worthwhile getting to know about kitchen essentials. There are obviously many culinary skills to learn but you can certainly get started on your quest to jazz up your cooking with knowledge of kitchen essentials.

List of kitchen essentials

While a lot of cooking accessories are specialised, depending on what you actually intend to produce, you should be aware of some basic kitchen essentials.

  • Chopping boards are a vital component. No matter what cuisine you’re preparing, from any corner of the globe, or for whichever course, the chances are you’ll need to be reducing food items into pot-sized chunks. Vegetables or bread, meat or pastry, you’ll need a good, solid board, especially when you’re using sharp-bladed knives. Boards come in flexible plastic for general work; thicker wooden bases for heavy duty chopping.
  • You can choose from a variety of utensils. Simple potato peelers can be used for many shaving techniques aside from potatoes. Whisks will transform basic ingredients. There is a whole arsenal of specialised cutlery at your disposal, from spaghetti servers to non-stick skimmers, flexible spatulas to sieves. Exactly what will suit is often down to common sense. Serving soup requires a ladle. Knives come in many shapes and sizes – all of which must be treated with caution.
  • There is a dizzying array of sauces and spices at your potential disposal. While some, such as black pepper or garlic, are ubiquitous, others are geared to specific recipes. Practice will enable you to decide which flavour to favour.

Kitchen essentials: the finishing touches

Once you’ve sorted your basic cooking accessories, you can consider the extra kitchen essentials! You’ll want to make aesthetic as well as practical decisions. As well as being adequately furnished your kitchen should look good. You can choose from a wide range of equipment, from stylish sets of pots or crockery, to sleek teapots or clocks.

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