Choosing the right kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles are an easy way of updating an existing kitchen and they don't have to cost a fortune. If you have started from scratch and had a new kitchen fitted, then the choice of tiles is an important one as they can have a huge impact on the style, colour and look of your new kitchen.

Tiles and kitchen design

By choosing white, cream or black kitchen units and painting the walls in a neutral colour, it means you can use the kitchen tiles, whether on the floor or walls, to inject colour and personality into the kitchen. It also means that once you tire of a particular colour scheme or style then the cost of replacing tiles is far less than having to redo the whole kitchen.

Types of kitchen tiles

Ceramic tiles are usually the most cost effective. These tiles are made from scratch and are glazed so they come in an infinite number of colours, shapes and sizes.

Stone tiles are particularly good for kitchen floors and there's a wide variety of choice from granite and marble to slate and limestone. The type of look you want will depend on the stone you choose. For example slate works well in a rustic looking kitchen, while smooth polished granite would work better in a sleek modern kitchen.

Glass tiles are becoming more and more popular and are usually used on the walls and as splash backs. The glass can be cut to any size from small tiles to one large piece. The glass comes in a variety of colours too and can often be made to a bespoke colour. They are also easy to look after and clean.

Where to buy kitchen tiles

There are plenty of places to buy kitchen tiles from. Whether you're looking for wall or floor tiles for your kitchen, or both, then two of the best places are Fired Earth and Topps Tiles. Go to firedearth.com to see their extensive range of handmade, natural stone and mosaic tiles, which are all suitable for kitchens. Topps Tiles have over 300 stores throughout the UK, or you can buy online at toppstiles.co.uk. They offer a large selection of tiles in various materials from slate and granite to glass and porcelain. Their kitchen tiles also come in a range of finishes, textures, sizes and colours, so you're bound to find something suitable for your kitchen.

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