Where to buy LED lighting strips in the UK

Light plays a special role in creating a certain mood and ambience in a living space. In particular, LED lighting strips have become popular due to lower prices and better choices. It is a practical way to install lights in small spaces both indoors and outdoors. We take a look where to buy LED lighting strips in the UK.


LED lighting strips in the UK are gaining popularity because they can be installed in any workspace, furniture and homes.

  • All about LED lighting strips

LED lighting strips are in essence bulbs of light which are in a row. They vary in luminosity, water protection level, and colour. When buying them, think if you want a single colour or a colour changing light or RGB strips. They are sold by metres or in spools and have double sided adhesive strips. They are usually attached using the adhesive while the other end is connected to the mains usually a 12 volt plug or power supply. Installing them can be a do it yourself project, but unless you have the necessary experience and understand cabling and volts, then it’s better to leave it to the pros for safety reasons.

To determine the right type of LED lighting to buy, it is important to check the type and size of the LED. This plays a role in determining the intensity and luminosity of the lights which are emitted. As a rule, the bigger the LED is, the more power it will have. The number of bulbs in a LED strip also determines its performance. The higher the number of bulbs, the brighter the light is. However, bulbs which are too close to each other in a LED strip may wear out easily and quickly so it is best to check the right combination.

  • Where to get them

LED lighting strips in the UK can be bought from any of the following stores:

- Maplin (maplin.co.uk)

- Superbrightleds (superbrightleds.com)

- Amazon and EBay

- Ultra LEDS (ultraleds.co.uk)

- DIY and hardware stores also carry them as well as light specialist suppliers.


LED lighting strips in the UK are readily available and there is a wide range of colours to choose from at different price points. For example, a 60 RGB 5050 LEDS (5 metres) from Ultra LEDS costs £48 while an RGB Waterproof costs £93.60 (5 metres). For the latter, you need an RGB controller to allow you to adjust speed, colour mode and brightness. Most models include dimmers.

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