Lighting Design Ideas for Living Room

Is it time to brighten up your living room and give it a fresh look? One way to do this is to consider new lighting in the room and find creative ways for light to work for you rather than against you. Here are a few lighting design ideas for living room that will get you on the right track.

Different types of Lighting

Coming up with new lighting design ideas for the living room can seem like a large project at first, but it can be easy or complex as you would like. The goal of lighting is to get rid of any shadows in the corners making the room seem bigger and brighter.

There are many different types of lighting in the living room. Here are just a few possibilities to think about and change or add to your special room.

Main light

For those looking for a more extravagent look, it would be good to look at different chandelier options. There is the traditional chandelier look that gives off the sparkle and helps soften the shadows. But there are also other unique chandelier designs such as making it out of mason jars. Often chandeliers will have dimmer switches as well which is a great option to have.

Wall lights/Sconces

These lights attach directly to the wall and commonly have shades that diffuse the light. They are usually installed in pairs and help bring out the focal point in the room whether that be the fireplace, the mirror, or a piece of art. The great thing about sconces is that you can also show a bit of your personality through them. There is such a wide variety of textures, colours, and shapes that these lamps are available in.

Recessed light

Those that would like a more contemporary look, recessed lighting is a good option. They are extremely unobtrusive but can add a great deal of light to the room. They are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms but can be a great addition to the living room as well.

Natural Lighting

Some of the best lighting around though is the natural light. If you have the finances and time, it may be worth considering putting in skylights. Not all homes may have enough space for full skylights, so another option would be the tubular skylights which will still add a decent amount of natural light into the room.

What Works for You

Coming up with lighting design ideas living room can be a fun time. Even if the new addition is only a small table lamp, it is an entirely new unique element to the room. Have a look at your budget and think about what kind of feel you want in the space and go from there. Don't forget to enjoy it!

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