Maisons du Monde 2014 catalogue: new furniture and furnishing products

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The new Maisons du Monde 2014 catalogue is in stores. As always, we love this house's furniture for its style and design, always focused on the latest trends in decor in styles.

The vintage style furniture branded Maisons du Monde here combines with a modern Scandinavian design and is one of the big bets in the 2014 catalogue. Carpets with geometric shapes, vintage chairs for the dining room or the design of the Icebergson chair, most notably and most especially in two color trend of the year, klein blue and yellow freesia, which encapsulate the stylish essence of the 50s.

For the classic chic style decorations, featuring in the new 2014 catalogue are top line mirrors in natural wood and off-white colours, with chandeliers being one of the key elements of this decorative style.

In the new catalogue of the Maisons du Monde also feature decorative items in industrial style. Among them, a special mention goes to the carpets, leather and metal trunks and watches of mechanical inspiration.

This year the house main bet is the Arabic inspiration within the ethnic and exotic style. This collection ranges from decorative items to furniture for the dining room, kitchen and bedroom that are characterized by a range of striking colours. The poufs with geometric design replace traditional sofas, and other styles have been manufactured from natural materials.

PHOTO GALLERY Maisons du Monde 2014 catalogue for home decor

The furnishings and decorative elements in the rustic and romantic range of the Maisons du Monde 2014 Collection have been crafted ​​from wood and wicker, key elements of the interior design current, and also opted for a range of simple colour: the classic and fashion evergreens pastel tones.

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