Make your roof last longer

A well kept roof can last 5 to 20 years longer than its average age. Which means that, if your roof has been advertised as lasting 15 years, it will last 20 or more if well mantained. The problem is that roofs are, generally, difficult to access and ultimately neglected. We normally resort to intervene when there are already problems with it. However, some special attentions can make your roof last longer, and we will look at these easy to follow rules that can save you money and hassle.

Basic roof maintenance

Here some basic tips to make your roof last longer:

Cleaning away leaves and debris

Leaves and little debris can add up and create piles. Once the piles are soaked with damp and rain water, they will stay put and contribute to weaken the cover. These organic piles may also be breeding ground for insects and pests that could deteriorate the roof further- just think of acolony of ants digging into an old shingle... The best way to avoid this is to remove any leaf and debris by sweeping them off the roof cover.

Pruning trees and bushes at roof level

Make sure no branches brush over the roof covering. On the long run , in fact, this can result in damge and breaking, and once the cover is broken, water starts penetrating the roof. It will also reduce the amount of leaves deposits on the roof.

Keep gutter clean

Gutters are vital for the home as they keep rain water away from it. Your roof and home will benefit from keeping the gutter clean and free from debris and deposits that may block them up, allowing water to flow back onto the fascia of the roof.

Keep an eye on seams and joints

Monitor joints and seams for cracks, moss and lichen. Making sure they are always in a good state can prevent damage, as even the smallest slit can let water in the roof system.

Recaulk fasteners

A roof system employs a lot of fasteners: flashing, vents, shingles and mounting brackets have all some kind of nail or bolt to keep them joined together. Nuts and bolts, especially outdoors, can easily rust and end up allowing rain water into the structure and, ultimately, your attic. The good news is that fasteners can be easily re-sealed with an exterior caulk and caulk gun, both available for a small price in diy shops.

Complete a good home maintenance routine

Our roof needs and deserve attentions, and with these easy tips it will be easy to keep it functioning at its best. Additionally, a broken roof or major water leakage needing repair can cost a lot, and it is always easier and cheaper to prevent rather than cure. Get familiar with our tips to make your roof last longer: they will become naturally part of your general home maintenance routine.

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