Marks & Spencer presents their 2013-2014 Fall and Winter Home collections

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As the weather turns progressively worse and we head into the cold and damp winter months, it keeps getting harder to leave the warmth and comfort of home especially if your home is decorated with items from Marks and Spencer.

The British brand is already 129 years old and their home décor certainly doesn’t reflect the age of the company with its modern day solutions for decorating, whether it be for the bedroom, kitchen bathroom or living room.

For bed linens M&S offers some wonderful choices with their numerous bedset combinations that are available single, double, king size and super king sizes with matching pillowcases and duvet covers.

You’ll find elegant sets such as the Tonal Leaf, Harrison Leaf, Modern Leaf, Grey Flower or Lace Print that will bring a touch of class to your bedroom, but there are also more colorful sets that will brighten up any gloomy morning that you wake up to.

If floral prints are your thing take the Curiosity Floral or the Poppies, but there’s also an array stripes and check prints and for something even more modern and upbeat there are bedsets printed with butterflies, polar bears and even reindeers, so how’s that for getting early into the Christmas spirit?

For your kids bedroom there are bed sets that feature a Thomas & Friends™ print, a little town design, and since camouflage prints have made a strong comeback in fashion this season, they’ve even got them on the bedsheets.

The bathroom is probably the one place that women truly love (even if it’s a pain to clean) because you can lock the door, light some candles (M&S has great selection) and indulge and pamper yourself to a warm and scented bath and then dry off with some of the huge and soft towels that the brand has offer.

Don’t forget that M&S also has all sorts of household accessories and furniture … so if you feel that sudden and irresistible urge to add or change your something in your house they have some great solutions.

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