Best of mattress toppers reviews

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to improve your sleeping surfaces, consider buying a mattress toppers. They are simply mattresses that you just put on top of your existing mattress. They promote better sleep without forking a lot of money to buy a new mattress. Let us take a look at mattress toppers reviews to see which ones are worth your money.

Brands and prices

Mattress toppers are inexpensive ways to improve your comfort when sleeping at night. It’s also a great and cheap way to re-use existing mattress and can even extend the life of your mattress. There are many brands in the market including those made from memory foam, latex, wool and even down or feather mattress. Here are some mattress toppers reviews that you might want to look into.

Double 3" Deep Memory Foam Mattress Topper With A Washable Removable Cover


Users are very happy with this mattress topper. It is a high quality and luxurious product that comes with a removable mattress cover. Made from 100% latex memory foam, this mattress provides superb support to the body while sleeping. It costs £63 and can be bought off Amazon. It helps people sleep better especially those with nagging back problems.


Some users complain the mattress can be a tad too warm for comfort while others are happy with the way the mattress is designed for heat. However, sleeping without a duvet or comforter in summer or warmer months is the best solution.

Duck Down and Feather Mattress Toppers


John Lewis Duck Down and Feather Mattress Toppers sell from £75 to £130. Available in different sizes, this mattress topper is made of 70% duck down and 30% duck feathers. The bottom layer fill is 100% duck feather while the casing is made of 100% cotton. Elasticated corner straps make it easy to fit the mattress topper on any bed. When it comes to warmth, this topper does a superb job.


However, users complain there is no real support on this topper as it just feels like sleeping on a duvet. In addition, feathers sometimes poke through and are prickly.

Devon Duvets British Wool Mattress Toppers

Another helpful feedback amongst mattress toppers reviews is that of the Devon Duvets British Wool Mattress Toppers. Those who are not so fond of duck feathers can try these mattresses. They also received rave reviews from consumers saying the mattress topper gives support, is comfortable and keeps warm. The cover is made from 100% flannel cotton which makes it a soft material. Made of natural wool, the material is low maintenance while providing heat and allowing the mattress to breathe naturally. This mattress costs from £110 to £190. A major complaint from users is that it is not possible to wash it at all (spot clean only). The wool also thins down very quickly making it feel like a couple of woollen blankets on top of your old mattress.

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