All you need to know about memory foam mattresses

There are countless things available on the market to help people get to sleep, whether it’s sleeping tablets, hot water bottles, electric blankets, chillows or Japanese dream machines. Some are more common than others, but one thing that many people have success with is a memory foam mattress.

Lots of retailers that sell memory foam mattresses claim that they are good for you and can actually improve health issues. Take this with a pinch of salt - no real scientific research has supported these claims. However, they are seriously comfy and could help you sleep better if you suffer from back problems or neck problems. This is because they cause less pressure on certain areas. However, they're not a miracle cure by any stretch.

Memory foam mattresses differ greatly in price: you can end up spending the best part of £1,000 for a mattress or you could simply get a memory mattress topper for around £20 to £35.

One disadvantage about these mattresses is that they tend to get hot in hot weather. Air can get trapped in the mattress and cause it to heat up. Some of the pricier options can help prevent heat build up while you sleep, but most of the cheaper options do not.

If you find yourself turning a lot in your sleep or you struggle to get comfortable, a memory foam mattress could help a lot. There are plenty of people who suffer from insomnia that have seen great results from switching mattress, but do bear in mind that there is no single miracle cure.

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