Modular kitchen ideas for small spaces

If you have a tiny kitchen, it is still possible to make use of every square metre. Get a modular kitchen ideal for small spaces to make your hearth compact and uncluttered. Cooking time and preparation activities need not be dreadful chores if you have an inspiring and stylish kitchen.

Smart ideas

What your kitchen lacks in space can more than make up for it by being stylish and highly attractive. Here are modular kitchen inspirations for small spaces.

  • Create zones

Living in a teeny weeny flat or in a one room place? Create zones by using folding or pocket doors to demarcate where your kitchen, dining and sitting area as well as bedroom is. It is easy to just close a door and start cooking.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors give the effect of larger spaces. Put a mirror glass on cabinet doors or a wall to create this illusion.

  • Storage shelves and cabinets

Expand storage space by adding more shelves and cabinets in your tiny kitchen. They will keep your kitchen neat and uncluttered. You can also stack cabinets but they should not reach the ceiling so they look more like individual pieces of furniture.

  • Folding countertops

Fit folding countertops that can be tucked away when not in use. If you have a fixed countertop, get backless chairs so they can be tucked under when not in use saving valuable space.

  • Modern decor

Make tiny kitchens glitzy by using mosaic tiles on floor or creating lacquered ceilings. Go a step further and paint your kitchen in bold colours such as black or green.

Creating the illusion of grandeur

Tiny kitchens need not be uninspiring. With a lot of creativity, modular kitchen design ideas for small spaces can turn your work area into a delightful one where everything you need is within an arm's reach. Think of it as a one stop kitchen where you don't have to lose time searching for things. Compact in this case is, indeed, very convenient.

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