Inspiring Moroccan style home decor design and ideas

So you just spent your last holidays in Morocco and were inspired by the richness of their home decors. Maybe you are thinking of renovating your abode soon and would like to use Moroccan style home décor design ideas as inspirations. We suggest some easy and fun tips that you can follow for an authentic look.

Decorating ideas

Moroccan architecture has been for centuries inspired by cultural as well as religious influences. You will find that lovely archways and intricate doorways are part of the Islamic religion and Arabic culture. Here are a few Moroccan style home décor design and ideas:

  • Choose the right colours

Undoubtedly, rich colours are part of Moroccan culture. Use reds and oranges liberally as a dominant colour in your fabrics and paints. For example you can use bright orange interspersed with browns and greys. Take bright fabrics as drapes or hang them loosely in a room simulating the appearance of a tent. Blue is another dominant hue reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. You can also incorporate shades of yellow and gold which are colours of the desert and dunes.

  • Pick warm tones of lighting

Another key to Moroccan design is the use of lighting whether they are lanterns, lamps or sconces. Add a lantern in a room with intricate glass or bead inlay for a great effect. You can also include colourful sconces in hallways or rooms where you would like to decorate Moroccan style.

  • Coordinate tilework

Clearly, if you want to emulate a Moroccan atmosphere you have to go all the way. Finishing touches are vital to make a truly authentic ambience similar to homes in this North African country. Include fretwork panels in a room or a canopy over a bathtub. Add customised lounges. Embellish ceilings and walls with Moorish designs and symbols.

  • Incorporate mosaics

Mosaics play a big part in Moroccan homes. They are great for tiling floors and walls. Vibrant geometric patterns make an impact or a dramatic statement.

  • Blend furniture

Add an ornate bed with lots of pillows or leather ottomans, poufs or wooden chests for a Moroccan influence.

Use stencils

An inexpensive way to imitate those arches on doorways and windows is through using stencils. They have a dramatic effect on your interior design at a fraction of the cost making an effective Moroccan style home decor design ideas easy and simple. Also, don't forget to add your own special touch for a design that is truly yours whether it's the made to order cushions or wall hangings.

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